We consistently ask students to reflect on and revise their work, to consider a social interaction and take the perspective of another, to analyze a challenging task and offer an alternative approach.

But how often are educators and leaders supported in doing that same level of reflection on their own practice? Our latest tools provide a scaffolding for a deep and meaningful experience as educators and leaders take a moment to pause and process.

The SEL Integration Approach School Leader and Educator Self-Reflection Tools were created to support individual and collaborative reflection for educators and school leaders. Through reflection statements, accompanied by specific and concrete sample indicators, practitioners are able to take stock of the ways in which they currently integrate social-emotional learning into their daily practice and then plan for future work. While detailed and comprehensive, the reflection tools were also designed to be accessible and actionable. The prompts, guiding questions, next steps, and suggested supports all combine to form an intentional path; moving from reflection to action.

Educators and school leaders are constantly supporting students and collaborating with colleagues, with little time to pause, reflect, and process. However, it is through an intentional reflection process that educators and leaders are able to gain perspective and develop insight into their own practice. By engaging in an activity that supports self-awareness and continued growth, the practitioner is able to elevate areas of strength and identify areas of growth, ultimately benefiting themselves and their students.

We hope these new tools help deepen your understanding and practice of SEL Integration. When sharing these new resources with your friends and colleagues, don’t forget to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #SELIntegrationApproach.



Integrating Social and Emotional Learning throughout the School System: A Compendium of Resources for District Leaders
(Buckley, K., CISELSS, 9/29/20)

This compendium provides resources for district leaders to consider as they seek to implement evidence-based supports to ensure social and emotional learning (SEL) is fully integrated into the educational experience of their students, families, staff, and community. While targeted to the district level, many of these resources may be useful to school leaders as well.

This fall and winter, the Rennie Center is continuing and expanding upon the work of this past summer’s Future Education Leaders Network. This network will continue to empower young professionals, particularly young professionals of color, to step into their power, take action, build social capital, analyze policy, and make connections in order to create space for marginalized voices to lead within the predominantly white and male-led education space. Apply to join the network today or sign up for their upcoming info session. For more information and updates, you can follow their Instagram.

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