Are you considering partnering with us for the upcoming school year? Are you wondering what a partnership with us could look like? TransformEd tailors each of our partnerships to meet the particular needs of our partners. The following inside scoop on our partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department should paint a picture of what partnering with TransformEd can entail.

Like so many others, the heavy impacts of COVID-19 continue to challenge schools in New Mexico. Although each student, teacher, and school has been affected in their own way, the common thread that ties them all together is the loss of structures and processes for collaboration—the need for heightened physical distance inadvertently eradicated connection points between students and educators alike. Since returning to in-person classes, there is a renewed understanding of the importance of relationship-building and its many facets within a school community. The shift from virtual learning sparked a craving to revive the structures, processes, and experiences that once brought schools and communities together.

Our goal is to support New Mexico’s Public Education Department with (re)connecting through a focus on culturally sustaining social-emotional learning by utilizing the first statewide SEL Framework. This objective involves prioritizing attending to the needs of youth and adults, providing culturally and linguistically responsive supports, and gathering data strategically to identify assets and opportunities. Together we will ensure that schools fully engage in critical and thoughtful SEL work by building a connected community of adults who will support one another in advancing and prioritizing whole child development. Through network creation, facilitated learning sessions, and technical assistance, TransformEd’s team will leverage the deep SEL knowledge that New Mexico PED’s staff already hold to ensure alignment with related initiatives across the state.

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We are excited to share the second of our three webinars created in partnership with leaders of the New Mexico PED. Follow us on Twitter and check back here in order to view the final webinar in April.

The Latest

A new tool developed through a partnership between The Education Trust and CASEL, Is Your State Prioritizing SEAD?, reviews policies in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.. It highlights whether states are supporting student needs by prioritizing social, educational, and academic development (SEAD) and where state policies threaten equity and diversity, including state efforts to limit the accurate teaching of history and current events.

The tool looks at state policy in five areas:

  • Discipline
  • Professional Development
  • Rigorous and Culturally Sustaining Curriculum
  • Student, Family, and Community Engagement
  • Wraparound Services

Linking SEL and Academics in the Learning Environment: Ten Equity-Centered Instructional Practices That All Educators Can Use to Teach the Whole Child
April 14, 2022 | 1:00-2:30 PM ET

Join experts from the American Institutes for ResearchHarmony SEL at National University, and the Center to Improve Social Emotional Learning and School Safety at WestEd, as well as a panel of three local practitioners to discuss specific teaching practices that can be used in elementary and secondary classrooms to meet the needs of today’s students.

This webinar will explore:
  • how pioneering work on 10 teaching practices to support the integration of SEL with academics has been refined to reflect recent learnings on culturally responsive practices, trauma-informed instruction, and the science of learning and development;
  • the interconnectedness of equity-centered practice and social, emotional, and academic learning; and
  • a new taxonomy that describes four ways that SEL and academics are linked within the learning environment.
To join, please complete the registration form. Participation is free, and additional colleagues from your district are welcome!
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