During the 2021-2022 school year, Transforming Education is partnering with New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) to provide a series of three 90-minute webinars to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across New Mexico.

These webinars provide an opportunity to offer further context and guidance related to the New Mexico Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework, the COVID Response Toolkit for New Mexico’s Public Schools, and the recommendations that emerged from the SEL mini-grant data. 

Each webinar is framed using an essential question to guide the critical self-reflection of the participants and centers the child in the learning content. Additionally, each one features a leader from NM PED as well as a subject matter expert from Transforming Education. This ensures that NM PED staff remain the face of SEL implementation in New Mexico, with hyper local expertise, while also leveraging the experience Transforming Education has gained by supporting SEL efforts across 26 states over the past 10 years. 

These webinars include:

  • opportunities to unpack multiple components of the SEL Framework and/or the Recovery Toolkit; 
  • a range of practical strategies to support sustainable implementation of the Framework and Toolkit;
  • time for LEA leaders to learn from one another’s SEL-related successes and challenges to date; and
  • a description of the deeper culturally responsive whole child/whole adult technical assistance that Transforming Education can offer to New Mexico districts.
“We must resist thinking in siloed terms when it comes to social-emotional learning (SEL), academics, and equity. Rather, these elements of our work as educators and partners go hand in hand.”

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