What is SEL for Educators?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) shares some similarities with terms such as emotional intelligence, resilience, well-being and self-care. However, the specific components of SEL for adults in school settings are unique.

Educator SEL is:

  • The competencies that adults need in order to manage stress and create a safe and supportive classroom environment
  • The skills and mindsets that adults need to effectively embody, teach, model and coach SEL for students
  • The overall well-being and emotional state of adults in school settings

Based on a synthesis of the latest research, we have created Five High-Leverage Practices to streamline learning, practice, and application. None of the outlined practices, skills, or strategies works in isolation. They interact dynamically and are part of an ongoing process of learning and development.

Why Download the SEL for Educators Toolkit?

This toolkit can be used in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), staff meetings, professional development,  training sessions, or for individual learning, reflection, and practice.

For the purposes of this resource, educator refers to any adult in a school setting who interacts with students. This can include, but is not limited to, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, deans, instructional coaches, specialists, special education teachers, and coaches. Although this resource can be used by individuals, we encourage collaboration as a way to understand the content, engage in practice, and to expand perspective by processing in community.

The toolkit focuses on the following objectives:

  • Educators will reflect on the importance and impact of their own social-emotional learning.
  • Educators will learn Five High-Leverage Practices to support their own social-emotional development and well-being.
  • Using embedded activities, educators will deepen their understanding and strengthen their skills related to the Five High-Leverage Practices.

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The toolkit is designed to be flexible and adaptable; educators can review and use the tools in their entirety, or select one or more focus areas. Due to the wealth of resources focused on system-level support, this toolkit focuses on what educators can do to support their individual growth.

Below, you can download TransformEd’s SEL for Educators Toolkit for educators and school leaders focusing on the social-emotional development and well-being of the adults in school settings.

The Toolkit contains the following resources:

  • The Professional Learning Presentation is divided into three sections: The What: Defining Educator SEL, The Why: Supporting Evidence, and The How: High-Leverage Practice. It is designed to provide both content and opportunities for engagement and practice.
  • The Companion Guide presents additional details about the interactive components outlined in the presentation, as well as suggestions for pacing, facilitation, application, and further learning.
  • The Snapshot summarizes the Five High-Leverage Practices and their corresponding strategies in a simple and accessible handout.
  • The Reference List provides a comprehensive list of the resources consulted during the development of this tool for those who would like to dig deeper into the research on this topic.
Download SEL for Educators Toolkit

Mini Modules

We will be releasing six mini modules to introduce our SEL for Educators Toolkit. This toolkit is extensive, therefore each module aims to synthesize the material and walk you through it using the following breakdown:

Module 1 – An Overview: The What, The Why, & The How

Module 2 – Examine Identity

Module 3 – Explore Emotions

Module 4 – Cultivate Compassionate Curiosity

Module 5 – Orient Towards Optimism

Module 6 – Establish Balance & Boundaries

Mini Module #1

Mini Module #2

Mini Module #3

Mini Module #4

Mini Module #5

Mini Module #6

“We must resist thinking in siloed terms when it comes to social-emotional learning (SEL), academics, and equity. Rather, these elements of our work as educators and partners go hand in hand.”

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