“Teaching is more stressful and challenging than ever. It is arguably one of the most stressful jobs in the country. With the ever-increasing workload, accountability policies, restrictions on how teachers are allowed to educate students, not to mention the overwhelm of navigating school during a pandemic, it’s no wonder that currently, teacher stress is reported to be just as high as doctors and nurses. High-stress levels can lead to many negative consequences for health and well-being. Quality of life and teaching performance suffer as chronic stress leads to teacher burnout, job dissatisfaction, poor performance, and high turnover rates. At the end of the 2020–2021 school year, nearly 25% of teachers reported that they were likely to quit their jobs, increasing by almost 10% of teachers who said they were likely to leave before the pandemic. African American teachers were especially likely to quit teaching.”

In this month’s blog post, our Lead Partner, Dr. Adrienne Kennedy sheds light on how teacher self-regulation can help create more equitable classrooms. Take a look at the associated research as well as resources that may help educators fight against stress, exclusionary discipline, and implicit bias.

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Integrating Social and Emotional Learning throughout the School System: A Compendium of Resources for District Leaders
(Buckley, K. & Ward, A., Transforming Education; CISELSS, WestEd, 11/2/21)

UPDATE: This compendium was updated with additional resources in October 2021.
This compendium provides resources for district leaders to consider as they seek to implement evidence-based supports to ensure social and emotional learning (SEL) is fully integrated into the educational experience of their students, families, staff, and community. While targeted to the district level, many of these resources may be useful to school leaders as well.

(Bakker, D., ScIC; Ward, A., TransformEd; Yoder, N., CISELSS, WestEd 10/28/21)

Instructional Practices That Integrate Equity-centered Social, Emotional and Academic Learning

Learning accelerates when educators attune to student social and emotional development, within academic content. But what does that feel like and look like in classrooms? In this session, Dr. Angela Ward and Dr. Nick Yoder explore equity-focused, integrative strategies that educators can easily implement in their classrooms with their students.

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