Please join us in welcoming Dr. Max Margolius as TransformEd’s Director of Research & Learning. In this role, Max serves as a bridge between research and practice to ensure that all of our work is infused with and informed by research on whole child development and the science of learning.

Dr. Margolius has spent the past fifteen years serving young people and the adults who care for them in a variety of in-school, out-of-school, and research-based contexts. He began his career and continues working in wilderness and residential settings serving young people with a range of developmental challenges.

What is something an educator said to you or taught you that has stuck with you for years?
The best teachers are often students. Once in my middle school “crew” a few of my students had work to make up and I was wrapped up in a sense of urgency for helping them find time to complete their classwork. Sensing my, or maybe their own, frustration one student said “Mr. M chill, we’re supposed to be having fun in here!” He was right, we were supposed to be having fun. It was an amazing reminder to take a breath, that play and laughter and breaks are urgent needs as well and to always make room for them.

What brings you joy and energy outside of work?
Being outside as much as possible, spicy food, reading, live music, friends, and family

What is one book you would recommend to our readers, and why?
At the moment I am loving the book Street Data by Shane Safir and Jamila Dugan. At its core, data collection and interpretation are storytelling. The questions we ask, what information is collected, what and who is valued, whose stories are centered, and how we make decisions about those stories and data are intentional choices. In this book, the authors ask how data and stories can be liberatory. Their book helps reorient us to continuously work at multiple levels of the educational system to better value and center the experiences of people whose voices have not been listened to as a fundamental practice of educational transformation.
RESTART & RECOVERY: Leveraging Federal COVID Relief Funding & Medicaid to Support Student & Staff Wellbeing & Connection

This guide highlights how state and local education agencies can use Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to support student and staff mental health and wellbeing. It also explains how to leverage these one-time-only funds to access additional funding streams, such as Medicaid, to ensure efforts are sustained.

Developed by the Council for Chief State School OfficersHealthy Schools Campaign and National Center for School Mental Health, this guide provides an essential roadmap for strategic and sustainable investment that can help advance student and staff wellbeing and connection for years to come.

LiberatED Fellowship

LiberatED is excited to announce that the application for the 2022 LiberatED Fellowship for New England classroom educators is now open! This is a pilot project guided by a collective vision to center healing, justice, and radical love in social and emotional learning (SEL) so that all children live, learn, and thrive in the comfort of their own skin. Fellows will have the opportunity to be a part of a community of practice that convenes to learn and reflect on leadership, identity, equity, and liberation. Click here to read more about the program. The deadline for submitting the online application is Oct 1st, 2021.

TransformEd partners with districts to help develop a whole child strategy that ensures each student is supported by a robust set of systems and practices that foster whole child development and that drive towards equitable outcomes for all students.

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