Please join us in welcoming Yalitza LaFontaine Delgado as TransformEd’s Director of Operations. In this role, Yalitza will manage and oversee the daily operations of the organization – from grant writing, to finances, to workplace culture and more.

Edith Yalitza LaFontaine Delgado (Yalitza) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a family dedicated to social justice and religious service. She completed her undergraduate work at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN where she taught middle school English utilizing equity focused classroom practices. She moved to Huntsville, AL in 2005 and completed her MA from University of Alabama in Huntsville where she worked as a lecturer for the Intensive Language and Culture department and led teacher development activities centered around second language learners. After her tenure in academia, Ms. LaFontaine Delgado worked as a community organizer for the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice then as Director of Operations for AshaKiran, Inc. She is a community activist and advocate fighting towards social justice and racial equity who speaks in a variety of spaces on a variety of social topics including anti-racism, cultural competency, gender issues, language access, and immigrant rights. Yalitza is the mother of three adult children and has one beautiful granddaughter who is “her favorite person.”

What brings you joy & energy outside of work? 
New experiences bring me joy along with spending time with my familia, traveling, cooking (and eating), and staying active.

What is your life’s motto?
My life’s motto comes from my mother who had an idiom for everything: “no te ahoges en un vaso de agua” (don’t drown in a glass of water).

What is something an educator said to you or taught you that has stuck with you for years?
When I was a student teacher, one of my mentors told me that if I listen to my students they will tell me how to teach them. This became the basis for all my interactions and it has served me well.

Application closing soon, apply today!
We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals who have served in state and/or district leadership roles.

Serving the Whole Person:
Guidance for Alignment Coherence for State and Local Education Agencies


The team at WestEd has been developing a suite of guides on alignment, coherence, and strategic communications, in response to the needs voiced by states and districts through the Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety at WestEd. TransformEd has contributed to these guides and used them to support states through our affiliation with the Center to Improve SEL and School Safety.

Serving the Whole Person:
An Alignment and Coherence Guide for State Education Agencies,
Serving the Whole Person:
An Alignment and Coherence Guide for Local Education Agencies,

TransformEd partners with districts to help develop a whole child strategy that ensures each student is supported by a robust set of systems and practices that foster whole child development and that drive towards equitable outcomes for all students.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss potential partnerships:

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