Transforming Education partners with school systems to support educators in fostering the development of the  whole child so that all students, particularly those from underserved populations, can thrive.

At Transforming Education, we commit to:

We also commit to identifying additional ways that we can use our individual and collective privileges to disrupt systems of oppression within the education system.


  • Every young person deserves to be supported in the development of their whole self, yet, due to systems of oppression, students from historically marginalized populations often do not have the access they deserve to rich, positive learning environments that foster their holistic development.
  • Maintaining a focus only on building students’ competencies, in any area, can have the unintended effect of reinforcing systemic racism, oppression, and inequitable instruction.
  • Whole child work must be anchored in a cultural understanding of the community, which includes the integration of students’ perspectives and caregivers’ perspectives.

  • Education systems and schools should not measure and address students’ skills and competencies without also focusing on how adults contribute to the learning environments that foster young people’s identity development, social-emotional growth, and academic outcomes.
  • Adults within the education system must be supported in their own social-emotional development in order to effectively examine their own internal biases; teach and model these competencies and approaches to students; and build and maintain positive learning environments for all students.

  • Resources provided to or used with educators in their whole child work must be vetted by experts with a diversity of perspectives, to ensure the resources do not perpetuate bias and oppression.