Aug 10 2022

Tending to Fallen Trees

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In the year before the COVID-19 pandemic, two of my grandparents died, both of whom were pillars in different branches of my family. On the fourth yahrzeit of my grandfather’s death a couple of months ago, my stepmom shared Maya Angelou’s poem, When Great Trees Fall, in his memory. I had never heard of the poem before but have returned to it many times in the weeks since as I reflect on the losses, silences, and birth in myself, in our educational systems, and in our society over the past few years.

Apr 27 2022

TransformEd’s First 10 Years: A Retrospective

By |2023-05-09T12:32:05-04:00April 27th, 2022|

In my 10th and final year leading TransformEd, I find myself reflecting a lot on the journey we’ve been on. When I first jumped into the work nearly a decade ago, I couldn’t quite imagine what lay ahead. In retrospect, this journey has offered more than I could have hoped for: countless opportunities to work with brilliant, passionate colleagues in the service of a shared vision, and an incredible amount of learning along the way. Much of my learning, and the organization’s evolution over time, has been tied to key inflection points that TransformEd has navigated over the years. I’ve attempted to capture a few of those inflection points here as a way to share some of our history with fellow travelers who have joined us more recently and to express gratitude to those who have been with us throughout the last decade.

Sep 22 2021

Our Team Has Grown!

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Transforming Education’s essential antiracist whole child focus requires a team of knowledgeable, dedicated, student-centered individuals who can work with partners to shift systems and policies to better serve young people. We have grown our team with equity-minded professionals who have years of experience as thought leaders on key topics of whole child development and educational equity. Join us in welcoming Senior Partner dr. alicia nance, Lead Partner Bavu Blakes, and Lead Partner Sarah Stone!

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