Best practices for integrating social-emotional learning are not limited to the physical confines of a school building. Research-supported strategies for promoting social-emotional development within the classroom setting can be translated to a virtual learning environment as well.

At the start of COVID-19, we released a 2-pager to better equip educators with resources for SEL integration in a virtual world. We have since revised our SEL Integration Approach as well as the remote learning guide. At a time when so much is unpredictable, inconsistent, and outside of an educator’s “circle of control”, the practices outlined here channel energy into tangible ways to be responsive and supportive in a complex time.

This 30-minute informational video walks you through how to support the social-emotional development of both students and staff while they are physically apart. It highlights SEL best practices and resources that can be leveraged for distance learning.

“We must resist thinking in siloed terms when it comes to social-emotional learning (SEL), academics, and equity. Rather, these elements of our work as educators and partners go hand in hand.”

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